AWAY Targeted Area Massage 30/45 min. $75/$110

AWAY Full Body Massage 60/75/90/100 min. $150/$185/$215/$240

Couples AWAY Massage Add $15/ per person.
What’s your wish? This signature massage is designed for spa guests who wish to detox from a long, playful night out or to refuel for whatever comes next. Our spa mixologists will blend the perfect potion of oils to suit your treatment needs, and apply the latest massage techniques to soothe you from head to twinkly toes.

Nighty Night  60/75 mins                 $190/$225
Sleep tight. Wind down after a stressful day and drift away as the perfect blend of lavender potions, a scalp massage, a gentle foot scrub and a warm wrap lull you into a Lone Star State of mind.  Sweet dreams, Austin!  

Ashiatsu Massage 60/75/90 mins                   $160/$200/$240
Let us walk all over you.  This sensational technique utilizes customized pressure and massage strokes delivered by our therapists’ well-trained feet.  The result is a therapeutic and deeply relaxing treatment.  Not recommended for guests who are pregnant.  

Deluxe 2 hrs     $360
The ultimate escape. Unparalleled in lavishness and sensory stimulation, the treatment begins with an away massage.  Scalp treatment, paraffin pack, and your choice of aromatherapy blend to complete the brilliant experience.   Sensational.

Hot stone 60/75/100 min     $190/$240/$320
Partied like a rock star? The warmth and pressure of lightly heated stones leave you feeling perfectly balanced, stress free and fully recovered.

Reawaken 90 min     $215
Had a long night out? Shake that hangover and get back on your feet with a 75-minute massage, a delightful cold stone massage for the face, and an eye treatment to make those bags be gone. Say mercy no more.

Mother-to-be 60/75/90 min    $190/$225/$255
Soothing comfort and relaxation, for clients in their second and third trimester.

Add-ons / 15 min.

Targeted Hot Stones $40
Detox Body Brushing $40
Parafango Mud Back Treatment $40
Refuel Scalp Treatment    $40
Foot Scrub & Paraffin Treatment          $40
Cold Stone Facial $40 



200 Lavaca Street