Complimentary aromatherapy & muscle melt application on all massages.



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*** Locals or Group Discount may be applied to following prices ***


Customized to your treatment needs. This signature massage is designed for spa guests who wish to detox from a long, playful night out or to refuel for whatever comes next.

Full Body Massage
60 min, $155
75 min, $185
90 min, $215
105 min, $250

AWAY Targeted Area Massage
45 min, $125

Let the warmth and pressure of lightly heated stones melt AWAY any tension and knots in your muscles. This Full Body Hot Stone Massage will leave you feeling perfectly balanced, stress free and fully recovered.
60 min, $190
75 min, $220
90 min, $250

Partied like a Rock Star? Let this Detoxifying Massage free your body of built up toxins enabling you to recharge for the next thing. This service begins with a Full Body Dry Brushing to exfoliate dry skin, and assist lymphatic drainage of toxins, followed by a full body massage with a Yon-Ka blended Detoxifying Massage Oil to make you feel new again.
75 min, $200
90 min, $230

Peace Out
Wind down after a stressful day and drift away as the perfect blend of lavender oil, a scalp massage and a gentle foot scrub lull you into a Lone Star State of mind. Sweet dreams, Austin!
75 min, $200
90 min, $230

Wake Me Up
Want to be ready to ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ again? Shake that hangover &/or jetlag and get back on your feet with a full body massage that includes our energizing Yon-Ka body oil, and a delightful Face Treat that revitalizes the skin with Eminence products then de-puffs with a soothing cold stone face massage. Say mercy no more.
90 min, $230

Texas Two Step
VIP room, side-by-side massages / as above, add $15pp

Walk On
This Full Body Ashiatsu Massage uses an ancient Japanese technique in which the therapist utilizes their feet and body weight to deliver deep, broad, consistent pressure that results in an ultimate deep tissue therapeutic massage. Not recommended for guests who are pregnant.
60 min, $170
75 min, $200
90 min, $230

For all of those Mamas out there in their second and third trimester of pregnancy, in need of soothing comfort and relaxation, this full body massage is for you. The therapist can utilize our specialty cushions which allow our expectant mothers a rare treat of being face down in their massage. Or if side-lying is your preference we can customize to you.
60 min, $170
75 min, $200
90 min, $230

Add-ons / 15 min.

Detox Body Brushing …. 15min/$40
The therapist will use a Dry Brush to apply light feathery strokes, aiding lymphatic drainage, over the whole body to exfoliate any dry skin AWAY, letting the Massage Oil soak in even more to leave your skin supple. You’ll even get the Body Brush to take home with you!

Mud Back Treatment ….. 15min/$40
The therapist applies a warm mixture of paraffin and fango mud from the sea to your back using relaxing brush strokes, allowing any muscle tension to melt AWAY. This mixture is rich in minerals and detoxifies and tones the skin.

Cold Stone Face Treat……15 min/$40
This delightful service treats your face to an application of Eminence products to revitalize your skin, then de-puffs with a soothing cold stone face massage.

All Enhancements are added into the service time

Refuel Scalp Treatment ….. $20
Warmed Oil is drizzled through the scalp, aruyveda style, then a deep scalp massage follows. Not only nourishing for the hair & scalp, relaxing for the nervous system.
Targeted Hot Stone …… $20
Warmed smooth stones will be applied to your back to melt any tension from the muscles AWAY and assist with ironing out any knots.
Foot Scrub & Balm …… $20
A sugar scrub exfoliates any dryness AWAY then a Gehwol Fusskraft Foot Balm is applied, leaving your feet feeling silky smooth and fresh.
Soothing Eye Mask ………. $10
Puffy, tired eyes? Let’s get that fresh look back. A chilled eye mask is applied whilst face up to reduce swelling around the eye area.
Cold Stone Face Massage ….. $10
Small smooth chilled stones are applied during the face massage to treat inflammation, redness and reduce pore size

Muscle Melt Application
Warm Eucalyptus Steam Towels
Retox Beverage

** Please note that guests under the age of 18 are prohibited from receiving Massage services.
** Please note that guests in their 1st trimester, 12 week, of pregnancy are prohibited from receiving Massage Services.



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